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A safer version of you?

A broken-down truck on the shoulder of a highway. A person behind the truck walks out into the lane. Suddenly, a car passes at high speed. In this scenario, a fatal collision is inevitable. It all happens too fast. No automated system in the world can react fast enough. Therefore, the only way to avoid a […]

Better safe than sorry

Some of us find it hard to trust a machine to take control of something as important as driving. What if the almighty AI fails? It’s still a relatively new technology, and some of us might be uncomfortable with the idea of not having a human driver at the wheel. Moreover, self-driving cars could be […]

Down the rabbit hole

Safety is vital for our physical, emotional, and psychological well-being, and it fundamentally affects our existence and experiences. Guaranteeing it, however, isn’t always so straightforward. There’s no denying that being safe is something most of us aim for, as it plays a massive part in our overall happiness and well-being. Consequently, “safe” is a powerful […]

Zenseact leads Gothenburg chapter of Girls in Tech Nordics

Recognizing the obstacles that women face in the tech industry, Vanessa Eriksson, the founder of Girls in Tech Nordics (GiTN), and Rahell Rada, City Lead for GiTN in Gothenburg, are dedicated to promoting inclusion and recognizing the invaluable contributions that women make to advance the tech industry. Together, they work towards breaking down barriers and […]

Thinking fast and getting it right

How quickly can a computer make sense of what it sees without losing accuracy? And to what extent can you perform car-related AI tasks on hardware with limited computing resources? Aiming to answer these questions, the Zenseact-CERN collaboration shows great promise for technological advancements in autonomous driving, helping to improve cars’ ability to avoid accidents.  Gothenburg […]

Zenseact safety software to use Google’s new HD map

Gothenburg 9 January 2023 — Safety software from Zenseact will use Google’s new HD map data to deliver a safer and more enjoyable assisted driving experience in the Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3. Highly detailed and up-to-date road information from Google’s HD map will complement sensor information in Zenseact’s OnePilot software, which constitutes the core […]

AI software company Zenseact launches a new generation of safety technology in the Volvo EX90

Gothenburg, 14 November: With the release of Volvo Cars’ fully electric flagship SUV – the Volvo EX90 – Zenseact introduces OnePilot: AI-powered software that will offer drivers a new level of safety. OnePilot marks the start of Zenseact’s journey to autonomous driving, with both ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and AD (autonomous driving) functionalities. It’s […]

Software company Zenseact uses cutting-edge AI to boost safety systems in Polestar 3

Gothenburg, 13 October 2022. As Polestar launches its latest addition to the fleet, driver support has been an important consideration. In addition to advanced enhancements to standard active safety features, Polestar 3 features several cutting-edge safety capabilities powered by AI methods such as deep learning. The new generation of safety technology – precautionary safety – […]


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