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Deeper learning

Illuminating the road to safe automation

Deeper learning is a knowledge platform designed to shed some light on the world of autonomous driving, primarily through the lens of safety technology. By posting press releases, videos, podcasts, articles, and blog posts, we’ll explore topics ranging from the promises and challenges associated with automation, safety, AI, and software-defined vehicles to the importance of having a healthy company culture.


Safety in the blink of an eye

Take a moment to follow Veronika and Smart Eye CEO Martin Krantz as they explore his quest to bridge the gap between humans and machines.


The philosophy of academic coaching

What can you do to make life a little more chill for an industrial Ph.D. student? Listen to Veronica and academic coach Carl Lindberg discuss.


On a roll!

Our team of brilliant researchers is on a publishing spree, with three papers on AD technology accepted for publication. How’s that for pioneering safety technology?!


The complexities of integration

In the season premiere, Veronika talks to product manager Nicholas Wickström about a question he faces daily: What is the most pressing aspect of development?


Research blog up and running

Interested in going deeper? Visit our new research blog, a great hub for innovation in autonomous driving technology, to explore, learn, and engage with experts.


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