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Towards zero. Faster.

Zero deaths. Zero injuries. Zero accidents.

Every year, around 1,4 million people die in traffic while approximately 50 million people get injured. Many get disabled as a result of their injury. We can do better.

Even though most of us are good drivers, we’re not perfect. Sometimes, we may be inattentive, distracted, tired, or even reckless. Add a challenging traffic situation to the mix, and you, and not only you, can be in trouble.

We believe that automation is the solution to human errors in traffic. Simply put, we aim to train cars to drive better than us. However, we are not ready to rely entirely on self-driving yet. Until it is reliably and predictably safe, we will continue to improve our software to enhance the relationship between driver and car. Currently, our solution aids the driver. Ultimately, the driver will assist the car.

When we aim for zero accidents faster, we strive to speed up the transition to safe automation. This is essentially achieved by making cars updatable – like a computer or a phone. In the past, a safer car meant buying a new one. But with regular software updates, a vehicle can be made safer long after its production. By accelerating improvement loops, shortening development cycles, and deploying high-capacity software quickly, we can make cars safer, faster.

The path to safe automation

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The quest to revolutionize car safety starts with our ability to design cutting-edge software. Watch the videos to find out how we’re doing.

People at heart


To achieve our mission of saving lives and ending traffic accidents is to go where nobody has before. It requires us to venture into the unknown, pioneering new technology and pushing the frontier of autonomous driving. While there’s no denying our determination and expertise, we must stand united to succeed. By fostering a culture of support and enablement – a place of psychological safety where all of us can thrive – everything else will follow. We call this a people-at-heart culture.  

This culture means caring. It means the company cares about me, and we care about one another. It means sharing, so we give each other energy and have fun together. Our culture is also about belonging. It’s important to feel at home and that we can be ourselves at work. Finally, a people-at-heart culture means well-being. So, we enjoy the flexibility needed to be and do our best – at work and in life.


Our people-at-heart culture is built on three core values: Trust, Collaboration, and Innovation. To live these values and continuously improve upon our culture is a non-stop commitment. To us, these values aren’t just words. They’re a promise we stand by, all of us.


At Zenseact, we engage in a culture that respects, values, and supports differences. A culture where we can be our true – our best – selves at work. We’re honest, open, and transparent in everything we do. We’re convinced of each other’s good intentions, and we strive for empathy and understanding of different perspectives. Acting in this manner, we actively build trust in our relationships with our colleagues and business partners. We strengthen this trust by delivering on our promises. Every time.


At Zenseact, everyone should feel a sense of belonging and a desire to contribute. So, we reach out, boost, coach, support, and challenge each other – giving and sharing energy. Together we create an environment where people want to step up, embracing responsibility and accountability. We believe in achieving results together and taking the opportunity to collaborate across teams and with customers and partners. Moving towards zero collisions is what brings us all together.


At Zenseact, we’re part of something bigger – a purpose uniting us in our strive to save lives in traffic. We have a difficult journey ahead of us, and to succeed we need to mobilize all our grit, determination, and courage. So we push boundaries, always standing at the forefront of technology. We thrive on challenges and experiment, iterate, and learn together. Because to innovate is to collaborate.  

“Zenseact is a recognized cutting-edge software company with a great purpose. I came here to help build important things and contribute to safer mobility."

Coen Roest
Software developer


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