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Sifting through the noise

The more radars, the better? But what about signal interference from other cars? Hear radar expert Mohammad from QamCom and Veronika discuss various sensing challenges.

Merging realities

Sensor fusion is crucial for safe and efficient automation. However, developing it is not exactly without challenges. Listen to Veronika and Maryam discuss merging realities.

Hopefulness beyond the human realm

Tune in to Veronika Nihlen and Sara Wrige as they delve into a dialogue about the intersection of technology, ethics, and the essence of humanity.

Safety in the blink of an eye

Take a moment to follow Veronika and Smart Eye CEO Martin Krantz as they explore his quest to bridge the gap between humans and machines. 

The philosophy of academic coaching

What can you do to make life a little more chill for an industrial Ph.D. student? Listen to Veronica and academic coach Carl Lindberg discuss.

The complexities of integration

In the season premiere, Veronika talks to product manager Nicholas Wickström about a question he faces daily: What is the most pressing aspect of development?

How to shape a successful team

In this episode, Veronika and Cristofer Eckermalm, head of talent acquisition, talk about Zenseact’s need for diverse talents to realize Zenseact’s mission: achieving autonomous driving.

A psychological safe space

Listen to Veronika and Claudia discuss leading highly skilled teams, inspiring top performance with humility, and evaluating success beyond the measurable, in this insightful episode.

The big AD challenge

Developing safe automation that can help drivers in virtually any situation is a pretty hard task. Jonas Ekmark will happily tell you just how hard.


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