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How to shape a successful team

In this episode, Veronika and Cristofer Eckermalm, head of talent acquisition, talk about Zenseact’s need for diverse talents to realize Zenseact’s mission: achieving autonomous driving.

A psychological safe space

Listen to Veronika and Claudia discuss leading highly skilled teams, inspiring top performance with humility, and evaluating success beyond the measurable, in this insightful episode.

The big AD challenge

Developing safe automation that can help drivers in virtually any situation is a pretty hard task. Jonas Ekmark will happily tell you just how hard.

Exploring generative AI

How can AI boost a software company’s efficiency and productivity? That’s what we want to find as we continuously explore the use of generative AI. In this episode, Yudi Chen, Product Owner of Observability at Zenseact, discusses the ins and outs of developing an automated Q&A for in-house use.

How safe is safe?

Listen to Fredrik and Veronika discuss the paramount concern of AD: safety. What does safe enough actually mean? And what safety assurances can we make?

Emerging tech and its application

In this episode, Veronika talks to Benny Nilsson, Head of Emerging Technologies, about finding partners and the role of edge learning and vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

AD cars and HD maps

In our very first episode, our host, Veronika, talks to Per Lofter about how HD maps will improve the safety and convenience of automated driving.


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