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Exploring generative AI

How can AI boost a software company’s efficiency and productivity? That’s what we want to find as we continuously explore the use of generative AI. In this episode, Yudi Chen, Product Owner of Observability at Zenseact, discusses the ins and outs of developing an automated Q&A for in-house use.

AD cars and HD maps

In our very first episode, our host, Veronika, talks to Per Lofter about how HD maps will improve the safety and convenience of automated driving.

OnePilot in Volvo EX90

The launch of the Volvo EX90 featuring OnePilot is a milestone in automotive safety. Through its continuous data gathering, the Volvo EX90 will provide us with real-world data, helping us progress towards zero collisions faster.

AI software company Zenseact launches a new generation of safety technology in the Volvo EX90

Gothenburg, 14 November: With the release of Volvo Cars’ fully electric flagship SUV – the Volvo EX90 – Zenseact introduces OnePilot: AI-powered software that will offer drivers a new level of safety. OnePilot marks the start of Zenseact’s journey to autonomous driving, with both ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and AD (autonomous driving) functionalities. It’s […]

OnePilot in Polestar 3

As Polestar launched its latest addition to the fleet, driver support had been an important consideration. The release of OnePilot was a big step towards making driving safer, and we are thrilled to make Polestar 3 smarter, safer, and more convenient to drive.


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