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Why Zenseact?

Driving causes countless accidents across the world.

Our software makes a difference.

Using AI-based technology to create the ultimate driver support, we’re fighting to end car accidents and make roads safe for everyone.

Sense. Act. Learn. Repeat.

This is how we’re training cars to drive like humans.
Only infinitely better.

One for the road

Meet OnePilot, our software for autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance.

Life at Zenseact

The path to safe automation is a road less traveled.
You need pioneers for that.

From pixel to torque

You can’t take anything for granted when training software to work without human supervision. There’s just no safety net. No person with one eye on the road. No plan B. That’s why our approach to safety requires us to be involved every step of the way.

Interested in that kind of commitment?


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