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Deeper learning

The Deeper learning knowledge platform explores what it takes to develop software for safe automation. Read, listen, or watch as we turn over every stone on our mission to save lives in traffic.


Engineers, engineers, and more engineers

Innovation, collaboration, and digitalization: cornerstones of the new industry. Tune in to Veronika and marketing’s grey eminence Joakim Hökegård as they discuss Gothenburg’s engineer-based landscape.


A lean, clean AI machine

Shorter latency, less energy consumption, less compute. Hear Veronika and Embedl CEO Hans Salomonsson discuss the secrets of developing streamlined deep-learning solutions for embedded systems.


Sifting through the noise

The more radars, the better? But what about signal interference from other cars? Hear radar expert Mohammad from QamCom and Veronika discuss various sensing challenges.


Merging realities

Sensor fusion is crucial for safe and efficient automation. However, developing it is not exactly without challenges. Listen to Veronika and Maryam discuss merging realities.


A great sense of purpose

Whether you’re in it to build a robot or define what makes it safe, doing an industrial Ph.D. is a chance to make an impact.


Hopefulness beyond the human realm

Tune in to Veronika Nihlen and Sara Wrige as they delve into a dialogue about the intersection of technology, ethics, and the essence of humanity.


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