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Deep-learning minds wanted!

Gothenburg, 16 November. Software powerhouse Zenseact, specializing in AI-based safety for autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems, announces the expansion of its deep-learning team.

Rooted in the vibrant, tech-savvy heart of Gothenburg – Lindholmen – Zenseact now invites applications from skilled individuals ready to take on a formidable engineering challenge: achieving automated driving with an unprecedented safety standard.

In an era where the automotive industry is in constant flux, where vehicles are increasingly software-defined and automated, Zenseact stands firm in its commitment to developing software that aims not just for enhanced automation but, more importantly, to revolutionize traffic safety.

“At Zenseact, our mission is clear: to make every mile of every drive safer. We make use of cutting-edge technology to automate and to help drivers be safer or to take over the driving from them to let them rest. We don’t make advanced AI-based tech to make cool features; we do it to increase real safety in real cars on real roads, helping us save real lives.” explains Ödgärd Andersson, CEO at Zenseact.

To achieve their goal of safe automation, Zenseact has chosen to develop software for every critical component of the AD system – from how sensors perceive the environment to the actuation system directing the car’s actions. This comprehensive involvement enables the company to rapidly improve, design, and deploy software based on real-world conditions.

As a result of the strategic decision to control the entire software stack, leveraging AI has become increasingly critical. Safe automation begins with access to vast amounts of high-quality data, but maximizing its utility is what really matters. This is where machine learning comes into play – from enhancing vision and precise perception to advancing object tracking and sensor fusion.

To expedite this journey – continuously incorporating AI into more parts of the software stack – Zenseact needs new talent. While deep learning is already employed for perception, developing AI-based systems that encompass a broad spectrum of capabilities is vital to boosting the software’s predictive abilities. Striving towards “human-like” automation is crucial as Zenseact aims to enable cars to understand and navigate their environments with unmatched safety and reliability.

Building autonomous driving systems that can be trusted to function with and without supervision on our streets necessitates a depth of understanding, diverse traffic data, and mastery in deep learning. Our objective is to create vehicles with reliable automation, ensuring unprecedented safety. After all, we’re here to save lives,” Ödgärd says.

In a world where vehicle automation is in an accelerated state of evolution, developing software that meets the current demands of automated driving and strives towards establishing a benchmark for safety in fully unsupervised vehicle operation is paramount.

Zenseact navigates this path with a resolute belief in the potential and necessity of honing professional competencies within its team. The recruitment of 35 additional deep-learning engineers underpins the company’s commitment to accelerating progress.

About Zenseact

Zenseact is a software company dedicated to revolutionizing car safety. By designing the complete software stack – from sensing to actuation – for autonomous driving and advanced driver-assistance systems, we’re fighting to end car accidents and make roads safe for everyone. Zenseact was founded by Volvo Cars, and the teams are based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Shanghai, China.

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