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It all ADs up

Developing safe automation takes time. Currently, our focus is on reducing fatalities and serious injuries. However, as our technology progresses, automation will become so reliably and predictably safe that virtually any collision can be avoided. We’ll raise an extra glass when automation can prevent fender-benders or even the slightest scratch, which, incidentally, account for a […]

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst

Are we imposing unrealistic requirements on automation? Should we be more relaxed in determining an AD system’s capabilities? Or are we simply fulfilling our responsibilities? Let’s explore the realities a self-driving car would face. In the world of autonomous driving, the term “safe” is generally defined similarly to how it would be for a human […]

Leading the way with people at heart

Zenseact is on a mission to develop world-leading safety software for autonomous driving, and we take great pride in offering an open-minded and socially conscious workplace. But why is diversity, inclusion, and belonging so important for a company like ours? Building self-driving car technology is complicated, mainly because the real world is full of surprises. […]

A safer version of you?

A broken-down truck is standing on the shoulder of a highway. A person in front of the truck walks out into the lane, trying to cross the road. At the same time, a car passes at high speed. In this scenario, a fatal collision is inevitable. It all happens too fast. No automated system in the world […]

Better safe than sorry

Some of us find it hard to trust a machine to take control of something as important as driving. We might worry that the AI could make a mistake or fail, resulting in catastrophe. It’s still a relatively new technology, and some of us might be uncomfortable with the idea of not having a human […]

Zenseact and the software factory

The widespread availability of unsupervised automation for consumer cars is years away. But that doesn’t mean the fundamental technology isn’t here. Instead, the challenge lies in deploying the software and continuously improving it based on its performance in traffic. There are various attempts to address safety for automated vehicles. One option is only to implement […]

Down the rabbit hole

Feeling safe is fundamental to human existence, encompassing not just our physical well-being but our emotional and psychological states as well. When discussing safety, we usually picture comfort, protection, and the absence of danger. But it’s not always so straightforward. Take the pandemic. We all tried to stay safe by staying home, but this also […]


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