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How to shape a successful team

In this episode, Veronika and Cristofer Eckermalm, head of talent acquisition, talk about Zenseact’s need for diverse talents to realize Zenseact’s mission: achieving autonomous driving.

Deep-learning minds wanted!

Gothenburg, 16 November. Software powerhouse Zenseact, specializing in AI-based safety for autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems, announces the expansion of its deep-learning team. Rooted in the vibrant, tech-savvy heart of Gothenburg – Lindholmen – Zenseact now invites applications from skilled individuals ready to take on a formidable engineering challenge: achieving automated driving with […]

A psychological safe space

Listen to Veronika and Claudia discuss leading highly skilled teams, inspiring top performance with humility, and evaluating success beyond the measurable, in this insightful episode.

The big AD challenge

Developing safe automation that can help drivers in virtually any situation is a pretty hard task. Jonas Ekmark will happily tell you just how hard.

Zenseact Open Dataset

Watch AI researcher Mina Alibeigi explain how her team gathered an unmatched collection of European traffic data and decided to share it with the world. See more at zod.zenseact.com  

Advancing autonomous driving

Zenseact advances AD technology by providing industry peers and researchers with impressively robust, anonymized traffic data from diverse environments with unparalleled sensor range and resolution. Gothenburg, 6 October, 2023. Data collection vehicles equipped with sensors such as lidar and cameras are fundamental in gathering the data needed to train cars to drive autonomously. Sensing can […]

The new road ahead

AD technology is manifested in robotaxis, passenger cars, and heavy goods vehicles. But they all follow distinct development pathways and face unique motivations and challenges. So far, robotaxis have shown the way to full, unsupervised automation. Waymo was the first to get the green light to run its driverless taxi service in California and quickly […]

Leading with people at heart

Zenseact is on a mission to develop world-leading safety software for autonomous driving, and we take pride in offering an open-minded and socially conscious workplace. But why is diversity, inclusion, and belonging so important for us? Building self-driving car technology is complicated, mainly because the real world is full of surprises. To develop software for […]

How safe is safe?

Listen to Fredrik and Veronika discuss the paramount concern of AD: safety. What does safe enough actually mean? And what safety assurances can we make?

It all ADs up

Right now, we focus on reducing fatalities and serious injuries. But as technology progresses, automation will become so safe virtually any collision can be avoided. We’ll raise an extra glass when automation can prevent fender-benders or even the slightest scratch, which, incidentally, account for a much more significant economic loss than more severe outcomes. For […]


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